• Update Your Bidet Attachment

  • Easy Install

  • No wires, no headaches, no problems. Get your bidet set up and spraying within 10-20 minutes - without an electrician.
  • Retractable Double Nozzle For Feminine Hygiene

  • Most bidets only have one nozzle for the posterior - but with the magic of the Techse Bidets you can cleanse both front and back.

Update Your Bidet Attachment


Easy Install

No wires, no headaches, no problems. Get your bidet set up and spraying within 10-20 minutes - without an electrician.

Retractable Double Nozzle For Feminine Hygiene

Most bidets only have one nozzle for the posterior - but with the magic of the Techse Bidets you can cleanse both front and back. LEARN MORE

Bathroom Luxury Meets Eco-Friendly

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Bathroom Luxury Meets Eco-Friendly

Toilet paper can leave you feeling unclean. Techase premium bidet attachments gently cleanse your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed, confident, and ready to conquer the day.

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Preserve Forests and Water Resources

In 2018, Americans alone used 46.2 billion rolls of toilet paper. Switching to bidets could save over 15 million trees and 473 billion gallons of water.

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Easy On Your Wallet

un fact: Americans spend a total of $6 billion annually on toilet paper. Operating a mechanical bidet attachment costs roughly 12¢/day, or $45/year.


First I should mention that the "standard accessories" listed on the instructions, aren't what the product is actually shipped with. Instead of the 182 cm steal hose for hot water, it comes with a polyurethane tube, and a slightly different t-adapter and hot water cap to accommodate it's use in the installation. After figuring out that I wasn't sent the wrong equipment, installation was easy. I installed the cold water t-adapter on the bottom of the tank, instead of the on/off valve, but it will work either way. The washers make it so you don't need plumbers tape, at least I haven't had any leaks since installing it.

The temperature control works very well with the hot and cold water, and it's very easy to find a comfortable temperature. The pressure can be a bit much, even on it's lowest setting, so don't turn it on full blast. In comparison, the feminine wash setting is more gentle, so you could always re position yourself as needed.

The plastic bit that houses the controls worries me, in that it seems a bit flimsy. I could see it accidentally getting broken, if care isn't taken to avoid pressure on it. Other than that, I'm happy with the product so far.

Scott Westerfield

With the Covid-19 stuff going on and people stocking up on toilet paper. I thought I need another way. I am guilty of using too much toilet paper. I think this little butt shower will save me money in the long run. My 11 year old daughter wants nothing to do with it sadly. She also uses way too much TP.

If you want to use less toilet paper and feel fresh every time. These Bidets are a game changer. You could use wet wipes but they are expensive and clog toilets. This Bidet is the way to go.

These Bidets feels well made. Easy to squeeze if you want to get better pressure. The vent hole at the bottom of the bottle is great. When you hold your finger over it you can tip it upside down without getting water all over the place. Then you let go of the hole and spray. To get better pressure you can hold the button and squeeze. If you want less uncover the hole and let it flow.

I like these Bidets so much better than a big expensive Bidets. I tried using a Bidet when in France and I found the ones on the toilet were awkward to use. The hand held is the way to go for me. I need to buy another for my other bathroom.


I got this because I have always wanted to try a bidet. I was intimidated by installing it because I am not particularly handy and a broken toilet sounded scary. I got this installed in about an hour, because I needed to readjust the threads on all the connectors a few times to get them right. My toilet is a little tight against a wall, so it was hard to be sure I had the pieces fitted straight before I tightened them. THe box includes teflon tape, which I put on all the threads. If you have leaks, I suggest you make sure the piece is straight and the threads all fit. Also, when you attach the diverter piece to your tank, be sure you are not twisting the flush valve (or whatever the thing inside the tank is) while you tighten. I had a bit of a panic there.

I really appreciate that it also came with spacers for your toilet seat. I'd recommend putting them on by placing them adhesive side up on the rim of the bowl, then closing the lid. That way you won't put them in the wrong spot on the lid to hit the bowl rim properly.

The bidet itself is pretty good. I honestly cannot tell the difference in where the "front" and "rear" settings hit me, so I don't pay attention to which direction I twist it. 


The bidet it's self works well, and does what it's supposed to do. It is fairly easy to install for the most part. And I would recommend it. That being said, save yourself the hassle and buy a better supply hose and T-adaptor for the hot water side from the get go! The one supplied in the kit is cheap and prone to leaking at the fittings, especially at the bidet control end. The cold water hose is braided steel and metal couplings. The hot is cheap plastic with the exception of the T that's metal. The reason I say get a different T is because the one supplied has a nipple that makes hooking anything other than the plastic hose supplied impossible. Thus the reason for only 4 stars.

Corey Moriarity

So the only thing I will say you will have trouble with is the installation of the bidet, personally it only took me 15 min, but your bathroom maybe set up differently, making it more difficult.

The first time I hooked it up water leaked, but this company thought of everything providing me with Teflon tape (that you will mostl likely need) to create a seal around the threads. They also put in bumpers and extra valves and tubes made of stainless steel.

I personally didn’t connect the hot water because I don’t need it but I set it up at my friends place and it works great.

You won’t regret it if you buy it

Shawn Wright

This was a replacement for another brand, which broke on the inside after 7 months. This is more solid and sturdy than that one. I also like the pressure levels better than others I've used. The lowest pressure is lower than the lowest pressure of our previous bidet, which I like, because the old one was always forceful. The angle of the front sprayer means you have to set the attachment closer to the front of the toilet bowl than I'd like, but it's not too in the way.

Be aware - the pictures show adhesive toilet seat lifters and teflon tape, but neither are included.C

John Badgemaker
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