Warranty Policy

Warranty Details

All Techase Bidets include a manufacturer’s warranty. Bidets are tested for quality and defects are rare. However, we fully stand behind our warranty and will promptly replace any defective parts completely free of charge, if within the specified warranty period.

Contact us to request a replacement part or bidet. Please provide your order number and the address at which you received your order.

12 month warranty: N200W, N300C-1, N300C-2, 200B


Registering your Bidet

There is optionaable to register your bidet(s) for the warranty – all Techase Bidets purchased through our website or Amazon are automatically covered under the default warranty period.

All Bidet Series bidets with a default 12 month warranty are eligible for registration. By registering your order number, you would get your 12 month warranty. Register here.